Sunday, July 8, 2012

What do you produce?

Luxury cotton is a high-end cotton company that produces durable, and fashionable cut cotton products. They are not like your average cotton t-shirt. They are made from a blend on Egyptian cotton and bamboo. This allows our products to have great durability and sustainability. “The consumers for this product want the perfect fit” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 175) Our t-shirts are not the average undershirt that most cotton bands make. Our shirts are ones in which are broken in over time just like your favorite pair of designer jeans. Over time they will fade, but will still retain durability. Just like your jeans the shirt will become more and more comfortable after every wear. Each wash will make the fabric softer and softer. Luxury cotton will have custom colors made just for them in which they will change seasonally. In doing so each collection will be a special edition, which means when they are gone they are gone. We will also make the basic colors, but this will not be the main focus of the company. Just like the saying “We are what we buy, so for some of us fashion is a way to express identity.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 3) These shirts will stand out not only for how high of quality they look, but for the bright colors and fit.

The style of Luxury Cotton is that of which the followers of such companies as Dolce and Gabbana wear. The focus will be on style, and quality. These people are willing to pay the extra money for these qualities and for great customer service. “The current trend in fashion to offer premium products at higher prices means that consumers expect each garment to be somewhat unique and special to justify the price. Therefore, premium mass fashion garments are produced using higher quality fabrics, finishes, and designs.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 158)

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