Sunday, July 8, 2012

SWOT Analysis

A major strength for Luxury Cotton is that it is a new forward way of thinking of the cotton T-shirt. It is a shirt in which you will break in and wear time after time. It is not one in which the quality isn’t there and you hardly want to wear. It will be that go piece in your closet. It will closely be in tune with their customers and what they are looking for in color and in design as well. This will be done through things such as social networking and asking what the customer wants while in store.  A great inspiration of this is Johnny Cupcakes, “because the viral fashion-branding techniques-concerts, word-of-moth, the Internet, e-mails, trade-show attendance, and Cupperware parties-had been successful for Johnny Cupcakes) (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 114)

A major weakness is that Luxury Cotton will be targeting a small demographic so it will be challenging to get our brand out there. With a high price point not everybody will be able to buy it.

A huge opportunity is that there is not a t-shirt company that focuses on shirts that are fashionable that are durable. Also with the special mix of Egyptian cotton and bamboo this fabric will feel like no other.  Also the brand will feature ever-changing colors, which will make each color a special edition with the company. This will all add together to make a bigger demand for the product since when the color is sold out no others will be made.

A treat to Luxury Cotton is that a major brand can take the idea of the whole company and set up something similar. By doing so they cold take over the market since they are a well-known brand over our new brand that is not yet established.

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