Friday, July 13, 2012

Chapter Eight questions

.) Why do consumers feel such a close attachment to their bags?

Consumers feel such an attachment to their bags, because it is an expression of their personal style. It is a way to show others our status and personal style. At first they wanted to create an “it” bag, “but over time it became apparent that what was really selling he bags were the graphic designs and the wonderful company logo.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 126)

2.) What is our favorite brand of bag, briefcase, or backpack, and why? How does this brand reflect your personality? Do you think you will ever switch to a different brand?

My favorite brand for bags is Louis Vuitton. I feel that it represents my personality, because I feel some of the things I wear can be classic but I like to bring attention to myself with flashiness. I don’t feel that I will switch brands I love the brand and they are of great quality. I think that they will always be the first brand if bag that I will think to go to. If I were to buy other brands I would not use them as much I would my Louis Vuitton. “Research has shown that in the handbag industry, when consumers are given a choice to buy more expensive handbags over less expensive ones.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 126)

3.) Now that you have read the chapter go to and explain how the company has evolved. What is the latest news? How do you think the line reflects current fashion?

The company has evolved in to children’s lunch boxes as well. ”Her new stroller bags with their bright colors and fun themes were popular among Asian women.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 139)  The brand is a favorite for celebrity children. Also the company has expanded in to green products as well. The website does not feature the dog carriers, but can still be purchased on other sites.

I feel that the brand reflects current fashion with the graphics and the bright colors that they use.

4.) Why do you think Dante Beatrix is so successful with the company’s ideas to pursue graphic design instead of just focusing on bag design? Is branding the key element that drives you to purchase a bag, briefcase, or backpack? Look at a bag you have now. Is it designer? What is the brand? What features really make it special, or is it really just the name that makes it unique? Describe your answers in detail.

I think that the company is so successful in using graphics, because the market that they appeal to children, new moms, and pet owners. People want t stand to more then ever and graphics are a great way to do so. Branding for me is a big reason to buy a bag the one I have right now is a designer bag. It is my everyday Louis Vuitton bag. The features that I like about it the most are how strong they are. Using the bag almost everyday for a couple of years old and still showing little to no wear. You can tell it s worn, because the leather is darkened, but that just adds to the bag if you ask me.

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