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Chapter Eight questions

.) Why do consumers feel such a close attachment to their bags?

Consumers feel such an attachment to their bags, because it is an expression of their personal style. It is a way to show others our status and personal style. At first they wanted to create an “it” bag, “but over time it became apparent that what was really selling he bags were the graphic designs and the wonderful company logo.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 126)

2.) What is our favorite brand of bag, briefcase, or backpack, and why? How does this brand reflect your personality? Do you think you will ever switch to a different brand?

My favorite brand for bags is Louis Vuitton. I feel that it represents my personality, because I feel some of the things I wear can be classic but I like to bring attention to myself with flashiness. I don’t feel that I will switch brands I love the brand and they are of great quality. I think that they will always be the first brand if bag that I will think to go to. If I were to buy other brands I would not use them as much I would my Louis Vuitton. “Research has shown that in the handbag industry, when consumers are given a choice to buy more expensive handbags over less expensive ones.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 126)

3.) Now that you have read the chapter go to and explain how the company has evolved. What is the latest news? How do you think the line reflects current fashion?

The company has evolved in to children’s lunch boxes as well. ”Her new stroller bags with their bright colors and fun themes were popular among Asian women.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 139)  The brand is a favorite for celebrity children. Also the company has expanded in to green products as well. The website does not feature the dog carriers, but can still be purchased on other sites.

I feel that the brand reflects current fashion with the graphics and the bright colors that they use.

4.) Why do you think Dante Beatrix is so successful with the company’s ideas to pursue graphic design instead of just focusing on bag design? Is branding the key element that drives you to purchase a bag, briefcase, or backpack? Look at a bag you have now. Is it designer? What is the brand? What features really make it special, or is it really just the name that makes it unique? Describe your answers in detail.

I think that the company is so successful in using graphics, because the market that they appeal to children, new moms, and pet owners. People want t stand to more then ever and graphics are a great way to do so. Branding for me is a big reason to buy a bag the one I have right now is a designer bag. It is my everyday Louis Vuitton bag. The features that I like about it the most are how strong they are. Using the bag almost everyday for a couple of years old and still showing little to no wear. You can tell it s worn, because the leather is darkened, but that just adds to the bag if you ask me.

Chapter Three Excerise

One person that I can relate to is Kimora Lee Simmons. She was a normal girl who turned in to a model then married a fashion mogul. When she took over he husbands fashion label it was not yet turning a profit. After Kimora took over the company started making money and expanding it’s brand. Just like Ralph Lauren the “company continued to flourish, launching new product lines, expanding into the international market.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 44) The brand is to the hip hop community as what Lauren is to the upper sector of the nation. Another thing that is similar to Lauren is that the brand that Kimora establish (Baby Phat, Phar Farm, and KLS) “Is featured on fashion runways and in every department store across the nation.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 35) Both Kimora and her now ex husband Russell Simmons both model the brand. This to is like Ralph Lauren who “By modeling his own products, Lauren began to create the image that he was authentically Western.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 40) The couple helped to shape and pave the road for the world for hip hop clothing companies. They where the trailblazers in helping to appeal to a new market in at the time no one else was making clothing for. The brand is now not a strong as it once was, but can still be bought in many retail chanins.

Chapter Three Questions

1.) Is Ralph Lauren a designer? Why or why not?

Yes Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer but he goes beyond that and is a lifestyle merchandiser. “When considering lifestyle merchandising the name Ralph Lauren stands out.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 35) His brand is sold as a whole way of living you can go beyond buying a polo and purchase sheets, perfume, and even house paint to name a few. He goes designing clothing but has a whole living ideal along with his brand.

2.) Where did Ralph Lauren work prior to working for himself? Why do you think this experience was beneficial to his career?

Ralph Lauren worked at Brooks Brothers as well as Rivtz. Yes I think that this past experience helped in him in turn with his career later on.  He learned that building a relationship with the customer early on was important. It also showed him how to build an empire the experience gave him the strong base that he was able to build on to. Through his first experiences “He believed that by dressing in a particular style, he would be iconic in the manufacturing business.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 37)

3.) Currently, how many divisions does Ralph Lauren operate under his name? Can you identify the target market of each division? Are they homogenous or diverse?

Ralph Laruen has many divisions to his brand women’s and men’s clothing as well as children’s then he also has fragrance and a home line. I would say that the home line and children’s are the only ones that are not homogenous. ”Lauren then turned his attention to products for the home to expand his merchandising empire.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 43) The target market is those people that are of higher society or want to feel like they are and want an American preppy western feel.

4.) What is your favorite division of Ralph Lauren? How does that division emulate your personal lifestyle?

I personally do not have a favorite division of Ralph Lauren. The brand is not one that I relate to also the clothing is nothing that I would wear. If anything I would be able to relate to his home furnishings I like his sheets and paint colors that he has.

5.) How has Ralph Lauren built on his original brand to create an empire and an almost unparalleled career in fashion? Can you think of someone else who compares to him?

Ralph Lauren has built his empire by having a colt like following people who wear the brand just don’t own one item of his. He makes it so that they keep coming back for more. Someone that compares to him would be Tommy Hilfiger. Their brands and the people that wear them are similar. Both empires are huge and are very hard to match or even come close to.

Chapter four excerise

The ad that I chose was one form automobile maker BMW. It is about text messaging and driving. This add would have not even been though about ten years ago. It is now a sign of our culture since so many people are texting. "Developed by Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, the "DON'T TXT AND DRIVE" commercial juxtaposes the overprotective parent with the negligent act of texting at the wheel. ( Everyone is now multi tasking and never seems to have enough time to do anything. So they are now taking more risk while trying to get things done while driving. "The automaker, which was once derided for installing an entertainment system that was exceedingly difficult and distracting to use, is trying to convince people to use technology responsibly." ( It seems as if the add is trying to make up for the companies shortcomings in the past years. Non-the less it is positive and trying to open peoples eyes to the dangerous things they do while driving. The add is also trying to sell you a car the BMW logo is very large and stands out in the ad. A rep from BMW said the parents are very doting on their child, "But all of that can be undone in just one second." ( It is very sad that people are putting themselves and others lives at risk all to answer a text message. Many lives are lost a year due to this and laws have been passed in many states making it illegal to be one your phone and driving at the same time, Nevada being one of them.

Chapter Four EOC

1.) Currently, how many divisions do Dolce & Gabbana have in their company? Has it grown since this chapter was written? If so, how?

Dolce & Gabbana has many divisions such as their lower end line D&G, juniors, perfume, and accessories. Also “Through licensing agreements, the Dolce and Gabbana brand has extended in to women’s fragance.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 64) I feel that the company has stayed about the same in size just for the fact the people are not buying as much of high fashion as they had done so in the past.

2.) Do you think Dolce & Gabbana cater to the fashionistas that the rest of the design world has rejected? Why do you think they have dressed women like Isabella Rossellini, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Brooke Shields? Do you think these women are risqué? Why or why not?

I feel that Dolce & Gabbana filled a blank that was in the fashion industry. The brand is high fashion but is still obtainable and is sexy. I could never say it even better than this, “If Cinderella ever needed to replace her fairy godmother, she would call Dolce and Gabbana.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 53) They push the limits that other brands would not to dare to do. I feel that Dolce & Gabbana have dressed stars such as Madonna, because they provide the sexiness and quality that she and other stars seek for. I think that these women are considered to be risqué but in my personal believe they are not a risqué as others may see them.  

3.) Do you think gay and lesbian consumers purchase different fashion brands than heterosexuals? Do you think it was smart for Dolce & Gabbana to target this market? Why or why not? 

I feel that in general that the gay and lesbian consumers do purchase different fashion brands then heterosexuals. The average male is not in to high fashion and most gay and lesbians are more fashion forward. “Dolce and Gabbana have surrounded with high style, sparkle, bling, but they love real people as opposed to the emaciated body types we have come to expect in luxury fashion.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 57) I think that it was smart for Dolce and Gabbana to market to this consumer, because I do not know of another fashion brand that does market to them so openly. This group of people is a growing market and may give them a stronger brand follower due to the fact that no one else is doing so.

Week Nie EOC: Chapter Nine Questions

1.) What makes the Brini Maxwell television personality unique? How does it benefit the brand?

Brini Maxwell is unique, because of the visual milieu that was created. “ Milieu is a French term that means an individual’s physical or social environment.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 144) Maxwell created a visual milieu that combined reto 20th century and contemporary designs that where popular during the 1950’s and 1970’s. These themes are not only incorporated in to her fashions, but also in to the show’s setting and theme.

2.) What were the steps taken by Ben Sander to develop his character, Brini Maxwell? Was he successful? Why or why not?

One of the first steps was using “Sander’s collection of cookbooks, magazines, furnishings, and other mid-century delights would be used in every episode.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 146) The whole show was even filmed in his small Chelsea apartment. Sanders also had to do a lot of research on the decade since he was born after the time period that he was going after. The show was a great success in New York in which the audience waited in suspense for each episode.

3.) Why do you think Brini Maxwell made it into the national spotlight on television? What was her brand’s message?

“On Saturday, January 8, 200, Brini Maxwell was featured as “Part Martha Stewart, Part RuPaul in The New York Times.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 147) Since The New York Times is such a big publication this is what helped to launch Brini Maxwell on to the national spotlight. The article broke down the inner workings of how the came together and who Sanders was when not playing Brini Maxwell. After the article the show was showed on the Style Network from 1998 to 2003. The brand message was that of the earlier shows that it was modeled off of it is a that of a lifestyle that we all achieve to reach “the perfect family.”  

4.) What do you think Brini Maxwell’s target market is today? Why would baby boomers be drawn to watching Brini Maxwell?

I feel that the baby-boomers would still be attracted to Brini Maxwell since they did grow up in that generation. It brings back memories of how they grew up, which many people like to be reminded of their younger years even more so when they age.  A market that was not originally included in to their market I think would be stay at home moms, since they are the market that has daily shows in which they like to enjoy in.  

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EOC: Chapter Ten Questions

1.) What key characteristics of Ginch Gonch’s advertising makes then unique? Why do you think consumers buy Ginch Gonch products?

I feel like the companies motto says it all “Live Like A Kid,” Ginch Gonch demonstrates that if you have a premium product, great advertising, a market niche, and a passion for innovative branding, sales will follow.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 158) The companies advertising are fun and childlike, which is unlike any other underwear advertising. Most ads show the model only with a white or black backdrop. To where Ginch Gonch ads tell a story rather than just showing the product on a body that close to no one has. Ginh Gonch ads feature models that look more like everyday people.

2.) Do you think it is ethical to use sex to sell products? Can you think of other retailers who do this? How does it make their products more desirable?

I think that it is ethical to use sex to sell products even though many people disagree. The fact is that everywhere we look there is sex so why is it so different to use it to sell something? One of the top retailers that come to mind that use sex to sell products are A&F. They whole ads show little to no clothing when in fact they are selling clothing talk about a contradiction. I think that it can make a product more desirable since people always want what they can’t have. Ginch Gonch takes selling products using sex by the reins. “Ginch Gonch ads use what is known as double entendre, something that conveys two meanings, one of which is sexual or risqué.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 167)

3.) Why do you think Jason Sutherland decided to market to the gay community? Do you think there are a lot of gay consumers? Why?

I think that Jason Sutherland decided to market to the gay community since they are often forgotten about. They are also a group of people that are willing to spend money on high-end fashion products. The company has even came out and said, “We own the gay market gay men love them lesbians love them.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 162) I feel that the gay market is huge and not enough companies try to appeal to them.

4.) If you were in charge of Ginch Gonch’s next fashion assortment what would you call it? Why?

If I where in charge of the Ginch Gonch fashion assortment I would call it “grow some” that would come from the saying grow some balls. It would in fit with the company since they have had lines that have spun off of the movie Broke Back Mountain. Another one that they have done have been “Grab Your Balls” so I feel that it is in fit with the company.  

EOC: Chapter Ten Excerise

I feel that the con to making the ad come down is that it is not breaking any laws and wasn’t forced to be pulled unlike some of Dolce and Gabbana’s ads. The biggest pro is that “children” will not be exposed to sex. The fact is that these kids your in fact about to young adults and chances are have already been exposed to sex. The “Decision-making is one of the defining characteristics of leadership.” ( While both sides have great arguments I feel that the company has the most rights in this case. “The entire decision-making process is dependent upon the right information being available to the right people at the right times.” (,articleId-8863.html)This is a disagreement in which is of public interest which is a much higher stake than a usual disagreement. The answer to this issue should be well thought out and not decided upon quickly, “successful problem solving requires thorough examination of the challenge, and a quick answer may not result in a permanent solution.” (,articleId-8863.html) I feel that a great answer to this problem is that the company gets to keep the billboard. There would be one condition though in order to keep it they would have to create a less racy ad campaign that would be suitable for minors to see. I feel that it would help to make both sides happy. The racy ad would be taken which the high school wants, and the company gets to keep advertising just under a different ad campaign. Decision making and being able to sort through an argument like is this great practice for when you are a manger you will have many debts either with employees or customers in which you will have to settle.

EOC: Chapter Nine Excerise

“The new vidcast show has been a big hit and is viewed extensively across the nation by a new audience.”(Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 153) This was a smart move n part of Brini Maxwell due in part, because the brand is getting a whole new target market. In doing so it is almost like a re-launch of the brand all over again. From the success of the new market Brini Maxwell also has gone in to other fields with the brand. “So in 2007 he decided to release a new line of home fashion under the name of Felix Populi.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 154) This is a new brand for Brini Maxwell in which it is a “hybrid media-retail comanpy, with Brini Maxwell as the spokesperson.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 154) It is a brand that extends the theme that Brini Maxwell started of gracious living. The Felix Populi is currently sold in high-end stores in New York, but has plans to expand on to the national market. With all of this in combination Brini Maxwell even has the chance to appear on a different nation television network. While Sanders has not commented on the validity of appearing on a different network for a new series I can see it happening in the future. Since the new brand and audience offer a whole new market for Brini Maxwell to appeal to. Sanders’ is a great example of how to re-event yourself and your brand as well. He has commented that he is only moving forward and will not look back on the past. I will be looking forward to see what Sanders does in the future with all of the opportunity that he has created for his brand. I can very much see his new brand Felix Populi being carried in national high-end retailers. Like old saying goes if you can make it New York you can make it anywhere, which Sanders has done and continues to do time and time again.

EOC: Chapter Eight Excerise

The product that I picked to do is a new dress shirt for women.  A shirt that is just not one sized. It would have an upper body size and a lower one. With breast sizes naturally and artificially getting bigger in America and the waist getting smaller why are there not clothes that come made to wear that fill those needs? I have been asking my self this question for many years now. The coco cola body shape is praised but there is not market that takes an advantage of it. “Reflecting the current trends among women, this company is successful because the product line is unique and stylish.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 140) I have found a very select few that take action on this market but it is not in the United States. I would first launch a dress shirt since the professional women uses them often and then expand on to other items. I would have the sizes numbered just have the upper size then lower and make it easy to figure out. The brand that I did find had a hard to read chart that you had to refer to which I found to be a hassle. Having the two sizes will eliminate the need to have to see a tailor or wear a different shirt under and not button it up all the way. Since the shirt is a lot more labor intensive and specific it would be of a higher price but I feel people would not mind the higher price. “Research has shown that in the handbag industry, when consumers are given a choice to buy more expensive handbags over less expensive models, most will trade up.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 126) The same will be said for my dress shirt.  It would make shopping a lot easier and you would not have to pay extra tailor cost so it would about even out. The age that I will target will be from 25 to 40 this age is one in which we dress the most professional and have the money to spend on higher end products. “The core age of female consumers driving sales in handbag market is between 25 and 44.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 127) I would call my brand DBC that stands for Designs By Coral. I would have the logo be simple black and white with some of the letters overlapping each other similar to that of Louis Vuitton. This would also help add the elegance to the brand and help add to the use of the higher price point. I would like to featured in high-end department stores and maybe have a hand full of boutiques.  I think that the current sizing charts are not up to date for the people of today and that they should be updated to fit our needs for now.

EOC: Chapter Seven Questions

1.) What is viral fashion branding? How did this form of branding make Johnny Cupcakes well-known product line in the youth market?

“All of Johnny’s fashion branding has been implemented through self-promotion, word of mouth, or by using electronic methods.”(Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) His branding strategy worked well with Jonny cupcakes, because his target market the youth is able to relate more to him and his brand. His blog features a lot of personal things such as his retune family members, and more. This helps the consumer have a bigger bond with the brand.  Since his clients are a younger base things such as word of mouth and the Internet worked better, because that is what that age group does the most talk about exercises and goes online.

2.) Why is viral fashion branding a good method for promoting product? Can you think of other brands that are currently using the process?

Viral fashion branding is a very good way to promote a product, because it is free and you do not have to hire an expensive firm. Also word of mouth is a lot more powerful then an ad telling you how something works “ allows each person who visits the site to feel as if he or she is a part of his success.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) Having a person that used the product and can tell you even more is way more persuasive.  Another brand that uses viral branding that comes to mind is the slider truck that comes out side of our school. All of their followers heard of them from online or word of mouth. The brand reminds me of the Jonny Cupcakes brand a lot, because they are unique and the art that is featured on the truck as well.

3.) How does Johnny Cupcakes allow customers to feel like they are special? Is this important and why?

One of the biggest ways that Johnny makes his customers feel special is through his blog. His blog allows him to connect with his customers on his personal believes on certain topics. “He knows exactly what he is doing and he is having fun doing it!” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109)  Also they are able to see what a typical day consists of for Johnny. This gives the customer a lot more personal attachment to the brand owner. They are able to interact with him and in turn the brand, which makes a lot more loyal customer, because a relationship is born with them.

4.) Do you think the Johnny Cupcakes brand relates to older customers like the baby-boomers and generation Xers? Why or why not? How does his use of nostalgia and popular culture influence his ability to reach different audiences?

I think that baby-boomers could relate to the brand since he uses a lot of all American nostalgia in his designs. This makes it easier for a more diverse audience to relate to the brand. The older generations may relate something to something in their childhood and purchase it. Also the baby-boomers seem to want to stay young and why not with the Johnny Cupcake brand?

5.) In you opinion, is Johnny Cupcakes a unique brand? What other items would you include in his product line?

I feel the Johnny Cupcake brand is that of a unique one.  I feel that the brand should expand it’s children’s wear a lot more. The online store does not feature a diverse selection for children. Also they do not have any infant clothing only older children’s clothing.  What they do feature says that it recently restocked so it seems as if it has been selling well. Oddly the children’s line is not bright and is very basic. With the customers that the brand has already I would imagine that many of them have children or will soon. If they wear and like the brand they would be more opt to put their child in it. On top of the children’s market is a great and very fast expanding market that they should take advantage of.

EOC: Chapter Seven Excerise

If I was promoting a new line and had to use viral marketing Johnny Cupcakes is a great brand to make a plan to follow, “because the viral fashion-branding techniques-concerts, word-of-moth, the Internet, e-mails, tradeshow attendance, and Cupperware parties-had been successful for Johnny Cupcakes) (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 114) Making a blog and having some way for the consumer to attach to the brand can make them a return customer.  “Johnny’s branding strategies included the use of a blog where he shares his personal experiences and relates them to his brand.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) Advertising on blogs that are similar to the brand that I am promoting would also be something that I would do. Also I would give celebrities that our target market watch and have them try to use or wear the product. Creating social network pages would also be something that I would do if it were a big part of my target markets day to day life. I would also send samples to Youtube gurus that my target market subscribes to. Many of their followers want the products that their favorite person on Youtube wears. People love free things and love to talk about the product if they like the product. I would try to create as much buzz on other blogs and websites that many people go to already. Trying to be featured in stories as well. Also I would be sending samples to magazines and try to be in contact with the editor in trying to be featured in their magazine. I would also try to be featured in gift bags at events that are similar to the product that I am promoting. The internet is a great marvel of the modern world, and can be used to promote many new products and businesses. It “ allows each person who visits the site to feel as if he or she is a part of his success.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) This can make it easier to promote new things but in turn harder, because it is a lot easier to find similar products. If viral promoting is done the right way at the right time with the right time it can be very successful in expanding a brand, and Johnny Cupcakes is a great example of it.    

EOC: Chapter Six Questions

1.) Does A&F reinvent its brand strategy every year through its product assortment? Is it successful? Why or why not?

A&F offers the same things every year and only makes minor changes to its products. It is successful for them, because their sales are great and are a big competitor in the retail industry. This is due in part of their branding. "This in-store branding concept has led to multimillion-dollar sales." (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 89) I think that they do so well with this, because their consumers know exactly what to expect when going in to one of their stores. The product does not change, but they are content with it and expect it.

2.) How does A&F brand its products? Do you think its brand practices are successful?

A&F does many things to brand it’s products. First thing is the mouse logo. Also the half nude models that grace the shopping bags, in store pictures, and much more. "The company has proven that if you sell a great product and create a great atmosphere, you can become a leader in fashion" (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 90) Their branding is very successful it is very easy to point out an A&F shirt, jeans, shopping bag, and all of their other products.

3.) How do retail store atmospherics such as music, fragrance, lighting, store props, and retail brand associates strengthen a brand message? How do they weaken it?

It helps to add a mood when shopping and makes it more of an experience. On the other hand the store is very dark, the cologne is very strong, and it is hard to hear from the music. "Entering an A&F store is a lit like walking into a nightclub that just happens to sell clothes." (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 89) I personally never shopped there for these reasons, and know many others that feel the same way. Doing this they possibly turn away a great number of customers.

4.) What feelings or emotions do you experience when you enter an A&F store? Do you think A&F tries to intimidate its customer by using extremely attractive models?

When I step in to an A&F store I want to turn right back around. The smell is way to strong the music is to loud it is dark and the tables block walk paths. I feel that the store has to much of a sensory overload. I think that they try to be intimate with the models with the poses that they have them in. Also most of the time the models are faceless so you can imagine whom ever you want with that body.

SWOT Analysis

A major strength for Luxury Cotton is that it is a new forward way of thinking of the cotton T-shirt. It is a shirt in which you will break in and wear time after time. It is not one in which the quality isn’t there and you hardly want to wear. It will be that go piece in your closet. It will closely be in tune with their customers and what they are looking for in color and in design as well. This will be done through things such as social networking and asking what the customer wants while in store.  A great inspiration of this is Johnny Cupcakes, “because the viral fashion-branding techniques-concerts, word-of-moth, the Internet, e-mails, trade-show attendance, and Cupperware parties-had been successful for Johnny Cupcakes) (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 114)

A major weakness is that Luxury Cotton will be targeting a small demographic so it will be challenging to get our brand out there. With a high price point not everybody will be able to buy it.

A huge opportunity is that there is not a t-shirt company that focuses on shirts that are fashionable that are durable. Also with the special mix of Egyptian cotton and bamboo this fabric will feel like no other.  Also the brand will feature ever-changing colors, which will make each color a special edition with the company. This will all add together to make a bigger demand for the product since when the color is sold out no others will be made.

A treat to Luxury Cotton is that a major brand can take the idea of the whole company and set up something similar. By doing so they cold take over the market since they are a well-known brand over our new brand that is not yet established.

what it would look like!

Define your market and also your identity

My market is one that wants to feel special every time when buying out product and when they go to wear it. We will do this by having strong branding. “Fashion branding refers to the business and communications process behind the creation of a brand’s personality. This includes trends, tactics, techniques, strategy, mission, and values.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 85) One way we will achieve this will be through social networking since it is a huge influence on our target market. Also we will go after celebrities to have them wear our T-shirts. One way we will go about doing this will be apart of gift bags at award shows. We want our shirts to remind the buyer of when they bought it and the great experience that it was, also of their favorite celebrity that wears the shirt just like the one they have hanging in their closet and laying on their backs.

Who am I aming my clothes at

My target market will be the high-end fashionable males and females. I will follow a similar target market as Dolce and Gabbana. “By targeting consumer markets such as the gay and lesbian community as well as affluent sectors of society, and by dressing real women and featuring them in their ads, Dolce and Gabbana are making a statement.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 70) These groups of people are the ones that are ever changing their fashions to keep up with new trends and are willing to pay extra for quality pieces. They are also a group in which they want limited and special edition pieces. By following this idea that Dolce and Gabbana made Luxury Cotton will be able to brand its self by “A structure that uses images and languages to impact a meaning to retail products.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 24) To add to the feel of limited addition to the company the website will only sell a limited amount of products online and will be sold in boutiques to start off, then will expand to high-end retailers such as Nordstrom. After the brand expands some it will be on track to open a brick and motor store. The store will help add to the overall brand experience for the customers. While “The products are important, what people really desire is to be entertained when they are buying their khaki paints and T-shirts.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 94) To appeal to such a demanding and ever changing customer the store will play top hits to help add to the experience and will feature dj’s on peek days. Also valued customers will be able to go invite only special events.

What do you produce?

Luxury cotton is a high-end cotton company that produces durable, and fashionable cut cotton products. They are not like your average cotton t-shirt. They are made from a blend on Egyptian cotton and bamboo. This allows our products to have great durability and sustainability. “The consumers for this product want the perfect fit” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 175) Our t-shirts are not the average undershirt that most cotton bands make. Our shirts are ones in which are broken in over time just like your favorite pair of designer jeans. Over time they will fade, but will still retain durability. Just like your jeans the shirt will become more and more comfortable after every wear. Each wash will make the fabric softer and softer. Luxury cotton will have custom colors made just for them in which they will change seasonally. In doing so each collection will be a special edition, which means when they are gone they are gone. We will also make the basic colors, but this will not be the main focus of the company. Just like the saying “We are what we buy, so for some of us fashion is a way to express identity.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 3) These shirts will stand out not only for how high of quality they look, but for the bright colors and fit.

The style of Luxury Cotton is that of which the followers of such companies as Dolce and Gabbana wear. The focus will be on style, and quality. These people are willing to pay the extra money for these qualities and for great customer service. “The current trend in fashion to offer premium products at higher prices means that consumers expect each garment to be somewhat unique and special to justify the price. Therefore, premium mass fashion garments are produced using higher quality fabrics, finishes, and designs.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 158)

Logo and Name: Luxury Cotton

The Pitch: Luxury Cotton

The common jeans and a t-shirt have become at staple for many peoples closets. Before it was seen as the working mans clothing, but has now become evolved in to fashion at every price point. Luxury cotton is a company that offers Egyptian cotton and bamboo mixed cotton options. It offers stylish cuts in t-shirts and other cotton pieces in a cotton blend that is softer and more durable than its competitors. When you slip on a luxury cotton product you can automatically feel the difference while still getting high-end styling."Customers have expressed that they want both quality fashion apparel and to support the environment" (Brand story, Joseph Hancock, page 177)  Not to mention with the cotton and bamboo mix make our products more durable. So over time they are like your favorite pair of jeans that get even more broken in each time you wear them.