Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Pitch: Luxury Cotton

The common jeans and a t-shirt have become at staple for many peoples closets. Before it was seen as the working mans clothing, but has now become evolved in to fashion at every price point. Luxury cotton is a company that offers Egyptian cotton and bamboo mixed cotton options. It offers stylish cuts in t-shirts and other cotton pieces in a cotton blend that is softer and more durable than its competitors. When you slip on a luxury cotton product you can automatically feel the difference while still getting high-end styling."Customers have expressed that they want both quality fashion apparel and to support the environment" (Brand story, Joseph Hancock, page 177)  Not to mention with the cotton and bamboo mix make our products more durable. So over time they are like your favorite pair of jeans that get even more broken in each time you wear them.  

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