Friday, July 13, 2012

Chapter four excerise

The ad that I chose was one form automobile maker BMW. It is about text messaging and driving. This add would have not even been though about ten years ago. It is now a sign of our culture since so many people are texting. "Developed by Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, the "DON'T TXT AND DRIVE" commercial juxtaposes the overprotective parent with the negligent act of texting at the wheel. ( Everyone is now multi tasking and never seems to have enough time to do anything. So they are now taking more risk while trying to get things done while driving. "The automaker, which was once derided for installing an entertainment system that was exceedingly difficult and distracting to use, is trying to convince people to use technology responsibly." ( It seems as if the add is trying to make up for the companies shortcomings in the past years. Non-the less it is positive and trying to open peoples eyes to the dangerous things they do while driving. The add is also trying to sell you a car the BMW logo is very large and stands out in the ad. A rep from BMW said the parents are very doting on their child, "But all of that can be undone in just one second." ( It is very sad that people are putting themselves and others lives at risk all to answer a text message. Many lives are lost a year due to this and laws have been passed in many states making it illegal to be one your phone and driving at the same time, Nevada being one of them.

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