Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EOC: Chaper Six Excerise

The store that I went to was Louis Vuitton, which is one of my favorite brands. Louis Vuitton always has interesting window displays, and a simple floor set up. A lot of the bags that are sold are not out in the open. This helps make the brand feel more exclusive, and also makes customer service very high. Just like how A&F sets "the mood for dancing is created with the store's blaring technohouse dance music." (Brand Story, Joseph Hancosk, page 102) The Louis Vuitton displays feature a lot of wood and glass that add on to the high-end feel of the brand and of its stores. Since tings are laid out and not cramped you know that you are in a high-end store. Unlike those discount stores that are packed to the brim with little to no customer service. Also the sales associates wear all black and look very sleek. You can also tell that the store puts a lot of attention to detail in the displays. Doing little things like making sure that the bags that are out are perfectly lined up at all times, "it is clear that this retailer is challenging notions of in-store branding."  (Brand Story, Joseph Hancosk, page 106) They take a lot pride then lower end stores and we expect them to since their products are high end. Also we expect that the associates have more knowledge about the products that they feature. All though the store is very nice sometimes it can be a little intimidating to walk in to the store. You feel the associates making judgments if you are able to afford to shop or if you are just window-shopping. They are able to spot who is serious and who is not a lot easier then other stores. I have also had the problem of not getting a lot of customer service when asking to look at certain products. Due to this there are certain stores I will not go in since they have not helped me when thinking of what I want to save up for. Louis Vuttion has also opened a flagship store here in Las Vegas. "A flagship store in a premier location for a retailer. It represents the retail brand brand at the highest level of the branding strategy."(Brand Story, Joseph Hancosk, page 103) The location of a flagship store may seem odd to the average person, but Las Vegas is becoming a fashion shopping destination, in which a lot of international markets come visit to.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EOC: Chpater Five Exercise

My plan for the future is become a regional general manger of a high-end fashion brand the first that comes to mind is Louis Vuitton. Just like Vera Wang said “Although dreaming is wonderful and everyone needs goals, it should be kept in mind that it might take some tine to attain them”(Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 74) Knowing this I know that it will take years to obtain this goal of mine. First I need to gain more high-end luxury experience and then try to get in to the Louis Vuitton brand. Once I get into the brand I will be able to move since a lot of companies like to hire within the company even more so for a position like this. “The employee needs to live and breathe the brand for that aspiration to pass on to the customer.”(Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 83) Another great piece of advice is to “Understand what your skills are (and aren’t) and write yourself a job description.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 86) While I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer and soon realizing when I was older how much I disliked sewing and drawing I then relied how much I liked the business world. After doing this I then combined my two loves and then decided to come to school at The Art Institute.  I think some of the biggest things that will come in the way of my goal are work politics this can be a big reason why someone leaves a job or stays at it and moves up within the company. I hope that after I become a regional general manger that I may be able to work in corporate offices of Louis Vuitton and move to Parris.

EOC: Chapter Five Questions

1.) In what way is Vera Wang a great example of the ever-changing career path of a individual?

Vera is a great example, because her brand has evolved so much since her career path is changing. She went to only dressing women on the most important day of their life to so much more. Going beyond just the wedding day. Her line first expanded in to stationary and lingerie."The Vera Wang company has many leading branding partners that ensure that the line maintenains its integrity." (Brand Story, Joseph Handcock, 81) Now you are able to purchase her fragrances and wear her brand everyday not just one event. She then paired with mass merchandiser Kohls for a diffusion line. The line features clothing, accessories, and lingerie, and is named Simply Vera.

2.) Go to www.Verawang.com. What changes have occurred in the company since the writing of this chapter? Has the brand expanded into other products?

The biggest thing that has happened since the book came out is a RTW line."Wang began to think that her name needed to reach more than just the high-end department store consumers who were buying her lines."(Brand Story, Joseph Handcock, 80)  It is not the same line that is featured at Kohls, but a higher end line of clothing. It looks as if the new line has only been around since fall 2010, and just features Vera’s name for its label.

3.) In your own words describe the Vera Wang brand. How does this brand differ from others, such as Ralph Lauren or Dolce & Gabbana?

When I first think of Vera I think of a classic romantic wedding gown. Her band can be very exclusive and a high end wedding gown or affordable for just about everyone at Kohls. Her brand varies from Ralph Lauren and D & G, because the variety is so much different. They do not dress a women for the biggest day of their live, and then go to dress them for everyday wear. Vera describes her brand as "Simply Vera, Vera Wang represents or just a fashion philosophy, but a vision about life and style." (Brand Story, Joseph Handcock, 80)


“The Bentley W. Company is a British producer of cars. It was founded by Walter Owen Bentley on the 18th of January 1919.” (http://www.thesupercars.org/category/bentley/) Walter Bentley and his brother bought a French auto company and renamed it Bentley with the headquarters in Mayfair. The company had a brief period in which they made airplane engines and then in 1920 the first Bentley car was made with the Flying B insignia and all. A year later in 1921 the car was delivered to its first customer. Bentley cars where entered in to racing right after its release and the company saw its first win in 1921 at Brooklands. The companies web-sight is stated in saying “If we had mission statements in those days, it could not have been expressed more eloquently than in the words of W.O. himself, “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class” (http://www.bentleymotors.com/world_of_bentley/about_bentley/) In the early 1930’s Rolls-Royce bought the Bentley brand. After Rolls-Royce purchased Bentley they integrated some Rolls-Royce parts and the brands seemed to buck heads. Later on in 1998 Rolls-Royce and Bentley where bought by Volkswagen. Volkswagen has made it appoint to keep Rolls-Royce and Bentley separate and now has the two being made in two different locations unlike before. “Since its introduction at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, the Bentley Continental lineup has expanded from one very fast sedan to seven even faster sedans and convertibles, including one flex-fuel vehicle.” (http://www.thesupercars.org
)The company has expanded in some areas that may shock some people the company has released their own laptop of all things about two years ago. “the laptop features a hand-stitched leather lid cover and a curved metal case painted the same colors as the car. When closed, the laptop can be carried by its handle, which is also reminiscent of the door handle of the automobile. Otherwise, you're getting a pretty standard laptop, featuring Windows Vista 64-bit and a 160GB hard drive. It costs a whopping $20,000.” (http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9999907-1.html)The laptop is made by Ego and is a limited edition laptop for the company. Bentley also has other partnerships for what they call the Bentley collection, which features Bentley silk accessories, leather gloves, and cashmere stoles. All of this plays in to their consumers either the people that already have a Bentley and feel even closer to the brand or the ones that cannot afford the car but want to feel the opulence and quality of the handmade Bentley name.

The company’s main competitor is sadly Rolls-Royce which has always been a deep rooted rival. Even though in my opinion a Bentley is for a younger crowed that likes to drive and not to be driven and is a tad for flashy. Another competitor is Aston Martin, Maybach, and Maserati. Basically and six figure that you have ever pictured driving or being driven in to put it simply. The car is described as “The Bentley brand is to luxury cars what Everest is to mountains. Those with wallets deep enough to meet the six-figure price tags of the company's vehicles are treated to towering levels of refinement and prestige. Bentley coupes and sedans are mostly hand-assembled in Great Britain at the manufacturer's state-of-the-art Crewe factory” (http://www.edmunds.com/bentley/review.html) When buying a Bentley you are getting exactly what it is that you want in a vehicle custom paint colors and leathers are not surprising none the less. In latest news “The British company has prepared two special edition models designed especially for the Middle East market and they are the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Arabia and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed Arabia. The car-maker decided to launch these two models as the Middle East market now represents 10 percent of Bentley sales world wide” (http://www.carsession.com/car-news/bentley/)


“Revlon was founded in 1932, by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the "L" in the REVLON name. Starting with a single product - a nail enamel unlike any before it - the three founders pooled their meager resources and developed a unique manufacturing process.” (http://www.revlon.com/en/Revlon-Home/Revlon-Corporate/Corporate.aspx) In 1960 Revlon even helped with war efforts by making first aids kit and dye makers for the navy. By the end of the war Revlon was staring to make manicure and pedicure instruments. In the 1950’s Revlon launched a twice a year nail polish and lipstick promotions that would tie in to the seasons fashions. At this time they also turned to T.V. ads to help boost sales. Revlon stared being offered on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1956. “Revlon laid the ground work for its highly successful international presence in the 60's, bringing the "American Look" to the rest of the world through advertising featuring U.S. models.” (http://www.revlon.com/en/Revlon-Home/Revlon Corporate/RevlonHistory.aspx#2)

Revlon introduced Charlie in the early 1970’s a fragrance that was designed for a young, working women market. In the mid 70’s Charlie was the number one fragrance in the world. Charlie was such a big hit that in 1977 sales for the fragrance passed $1 billion. Growth for the company happened in the 80’s when the company was sold to MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, also in this time period Almay was added to the Revlon brand. The 90’s was a big time for Revlon they strengthened their role in the industry and produced the first transfer resistant lip color. The color resistant lip color idea later lead to a line of transfer-resistant line of products, which was named ColorStay. This closed the gap between Revlon and its competitors and they became the number one brand in mass cosmetics. In 1996 Revlon was offered again to the public on the NYSE. “The Company's products are sold worldwide and marketed under brand names, including the Revlon ColorStay, Revlon Super Lustrous and Revlon Age Defying franchises.” (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/revlon-inc/index.html)
Their competitors are Maybelline, Loreal, and Max Factor. The target market is the Middle American women that doesn’t want or can pay for department store cosmetics. “If you are looking to find makeup that offers both affordability and quality combined into a single makeup brand you should consider looking at Revlon makeup. Because Revlon has been around for many years most women are familiar with the brand.” (http://revloncosmetics.net/) “Revlon products are primarily sold by mass merchandisers and drugstores such as CVS, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, A.S. Watson, Boots, and Wal-Mart (its biggest single customer, accounting for some 20% of sales).” (http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/48/48062.html) Revlon has had several celebrity endorsmets such as Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, and Julianna Moore just to name a few. Revlon even has a pro website which I found interesting it reminds me how the big makeup tycoon MAC has a whole pro line. Unlike MAC though Revlon’s pro sight features hair care and not makeup.


What’s more simple then a hair tie right? Wrong in my book I only choose Goody but ever wonder what the Goody brand is? “At the turn of the century, Henry Goodman immigrated to the United States from the town of Gritsev in the Ukraine. With a single pushcart, he and his sons began selling rhinestone-studded hair combs on New York's city streets. And in 1907, Goody was founded.” (http://www.goody.com/#/history) It may seem like simple product but for women the hair tie is a very important item for day-to-day life. I use Goody over other brands, because the quality seems to be higher and they don’t stretch out or break easily as others do. “Today, they are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and are recognized worldwide. They have also won the American Beauty Association’s ABBIE award. They provide a whole range of Goody hair products such as styling tools and hair accessories, to women everywhere.” (http://www.killerstartups.com/Site-Reviews/goody-com-all-about-hair-and-hair-products) Goody’s competitor is Scunci, which is a newer brand and is personally my second choice. The target market for this product is anyone who have long hair that needs to be pulled back. To appeal to women Goody has came out with three lines Exotic Utopia, Decadent-Chic, and Mosaic. The Decadent-Chic is being described as “If you like to look glamorous, then you will want to check out Goody's Decadent-Chic collection. Goody's lavish and opulent accessories were designed to bring out your inner princess.” (http://ezinearticles.com/?Goody-Hair-Products-Are-Not-Just-For-Kids&id=1270255) The other line Mosaic is descried as “It was designed specifically to cater to the needs of African-American hair.” (http://ezinearticles.com/?Goody-Hair-Products-Are-Not-Just-For-Kids&id=1270255) Lastly Exotic Utopia is “The headbands and scarves have animal prints and jungle patterns that bring out your exotic side and they work wonderfully well with summer and beachwear. The colors in this collection are vibrant and lush.” (http://ezinearticles.com/?Goody-Hair-Products-Are-Not-Just-For-Kids&id=1270255) Goody has grown so far the little beings that it had back in 1907. The only thing I feel that they should expand on is total hair they should make and sell shampoos and such then the brand would be a one-stop shop. The company has done well in expanding its brand but I think they cold do a little but more to gain all of what the market has to offer. By expanding off to the African American market they have gained a large amount of consumers. If the company where to expand to styling products or other forms of hair care they would expand greatly and what company does not want to grow even more? I know if I wasn’t buying a salon brand and saw that Goody had a new line that I would try it since I like the brand already.