Sunday, July 8, 2012

EOC: Chapter Seven Questions

1.) What is viral fashion branding? How did this form of branding make Johnny Cupcakes well-known product line in the youth market?

“All of Johnny’s fashion branding has been implemented through self-promotion, word of mouth, or by using electronic methods.”(Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) His branding strategy worked well with Jonny cupcakes, because his target market the youth is able to relate more to him and his brand. His blog features a lot of personal things such as his retune family members, and more. This helps the consumer have a bigger bond with the brand.  Since his clients are a younger base things such as word of mouth and the Internet worked better, because that is what that age group does the most talk about exercises and goes online.

2.) Why is viral fashion branding a good method for promoting product? Can you think of other brands that are currently using the process?

Viral fashion branding is a very good way to promote a product, because it is free and you do not have to hire an expensive firm. Also word of mouth is a lot more powerful then an ad telling you how something works “ allows each person who visits the site to feel as if he or she is a part of his success.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109) Having a person that used the product and can tell you even more is way more persuasive.  Another brand that uses viral branding that comes to mind is the slider truck that comes out side of our school. All of their followers heard of them from online or word of mouth. The brand reminds me of the Jonny Cupcakes brand a lot, because they are unique and the art that is featured on the truck as well.

3.) How does Johnny Cupcakes allow customers to feel like they are special? Is this important and why?

One of the biggest ways that Johnny makes his customers feel special is through his blog. His blog allows him to connect with his customers on his personal believes on certain topics. “He knows exactly what he is doing and he is having fun doing it!” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 109)  Also they are able to see what a typical day consists of for Johnny. This gives the customer a lot more personal attachment to the brand owner. They are able to interact with him and in turn the brand, which makes a lot more loyal customer, because a relationship is born with them.

4.) Do you think the Johnny Cupcakes brand relates to older customers like the baby-boomers and generation Xers? Why or why not? How does his use of nostalgia and popular culture influence his ability to reach different audiences?

I think that baby-boomers could relate to the brand since he uses a lot of all American nostalgia in his designs. This makes it easier for a more diverse audience to relate to the brand. The older generations may relate something to something in their childhood and purchase it. Also the baby-boomers seem to want to stay young and why not with the Johnny Cupcake brand?

5.) In you opinion, is Johnny Cupcakes a unique brand? What other items would you include in his product line?

I feel the Johnny Cupcake brand is that of a unique one.  I feel that the brand should expand it’s children’s wear a lot more. The online store does not feature a diverse selection for children. Also they do not have any infant clothing only older children’s clothing.  What they do feature says that it recently restocked so it seems as if it has been selling well. Oddly the children’s line is not bright and is very basic. With the customers that the brand has already I would imagine that many of them have children or will soon. If they wear and like the brand they would be more opt to put their child in it. On top of the children’s market is a great and very fast expanding market that they should take advantage of.

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