Sunday, July 8, 2012

Define your market and also your identity

My market is one that wants to feel special every time when buying out product and when they go to wear it. We will do this by having strong branding. “Fashion branding refers to the business and communications process behind the creation of a brand’s personality. This includes trends, tactics, techniques, strategy, mission, and values.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 85) One way we will achieve this will be through social networking since it is a huge influence on our target market. Also we will go after celebrities to have them wear our T-shirts. One way we will go about doing this will be apart of gift bags at award shows. We want our shirts to remind the buyer of when they bought it and the great experience that it was, also of their favorite celebrity that wears the shirt just like the one they have hanging in their closet and laying on their backs.

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