Friday, July 13, 2012

Chapter Three Questions

1.) Is Ralph Lauren a designer? Why or why not?

Yes Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer but he goes beyond that and is a lifestyle merchandiser. “When considering lifestyle merchandising the name Ralph Lauren stands out.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 35) His brand is sold as a whole way of living you can go beyond buying a polo and purchase sheets, perfume, and even house paint to name a few. He goes designing clothing but has a whole living ideal along with his brand.

2.) Where did Ralph Lauren work prior to working for himself? Why do you think this experience was beneficial to his career?

Ralph Lauren worked at Brooks Brothers as well as Rivtz. Yes I think that this past experience helped in him in turn with his career later on.  He learned that building a relationship with the customer early on was important. It also showed him how to build an empire the experience gave him the strong base that he was able to build on to. Through his first experiences “He believed that by dressing in a particular style, he would be iconic in the manufacturing business.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 37)

3.) Currently, how many divisions does Ralph Lauren operate under his name? Can you identify the target market of each division? Are they homogenous or diverse?

Ralph Laruen has many divisions to his brand women’s and men’s clothing as well as children’s then he also has fragrance and a home line. I would say that the home line and children’s are the only ones that are not homogenous. ”Lauren then turned his attention to products for the home to expand his merchandising empire.” (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 43) The target market is those people that are of higher society or want to feel like they are and want an American preppy western feel.

4.) What is your favorite division of Ralph Lauren? How does that division emulate your personal lifestyle?

I personally do not have a favorite division of Ralph Lauren. The brand is not one that I relate to also the clothing is nothing that I would wear. If anything I would be able to relate to his home furnishings I like his sheets and paint colors that he has.

5.) How has Ralph Lauren built on his original brand to create an empire and an almost unparalleled career in fashion? Can you think of someone else who compares to him?

Ralph Lauren has built his empire by having a colt like following people who wear the brand just don’t own one item of his. He makes it so that they keep coming back for more. Someone that compares to him would be Tommy Hilfiger. Their brands and the people that wear them are similar. Both empires are huge and are very hard to match or even come close to.

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