Sunday, July 8, 2012

EOC: Chapter Six Questions

1.) Does A&F reinvent its brand strategy every year through its product assortment? Is it successful? Why or why not?

A&F offers the same things every year and only makes minor changes to its products. It is successful for them, because their sales are great and are a big competitor in the retail industry. This is due in part of their branding. "This in-store branding concept has led to multimillion-dollar sales." (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 89) I think that they do so well with this, because their consumers know exactly what to expect when going in to one of their stores. The product does not change, but they are content with it and expect it.

2.) How does A&F brand its products? Do you think its brand practices are successful?

A&F does many things to brand it’s products. First thing is the mouse logo. Also the half nude models that grace the shopping bags, in store pictures, and much more. "The company has proven that if you sell a great product and create a great atmosphere, you can become a leader in fashion" (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 90) Their branding is very successful it is very easy to point out an A&F shirt, jeans, shopping bag, and all of their other products.

3.) How do retail store atmospherics such as music, fragrance, lighting, store props, and retail brand associates strengthen a brand message? How do they weaken it?

It helps to add a mood when shopping and makes it more of an experience. On the other hand the store is very dark, the cologne is very strong, and it is hard to hear from the music. "Entering an A&F store is a lit like walking into a nightclub that just happens to sell clothes." (Brand Story, Joseph Hancock, page 89) I personally never shopped there for these reasons, and know many others that feel the same way. Doing this they possibly turn away a great number of customers.

4.) What feelings or emotions do you experience when you enter an A&F store? Do you think A&F tries to intimidate its customer by using extremely attractive models?

When I step in to an A&F store I want to turn right back around. The smell is way to strong the music is to loud it is dark and the tables block walk paths. I feel that the store has to much of a sensory overload. I think that they try to be intimate with the models with the poses that they have them in. Also most of the time the models are faceless so you can imagine whom ever you want with that body.

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